RV Sales Training
North American Training Solutions Inc.

Thank you for your interest in improving your sales staff. Please take a moment to learn how we can work together to improve your RV dealership. The concept is simple: Create a Sales / Management training format specifically designed for the RV industry. No one else does it the way we do.
Finally Dealer Principles and General Managers have a Sales Training program designed and administered by someone with real experience. Not from the automotive industry, but from your industry. No contracts. No commitments. Our training stands on its own.

Chuck Morgan - President & CEO North American Training Solutions Inc.

With over 25 years in the RV industry including 18 years Sales, F & I, Sales Manager, General Manager plus over 7 years as a sales and management trainer and RV dealer consultant for dealers throughout the US and Canada, Chuck Morgan understands your industry and dealership better than the others. Most other "trainers" have never even sold an RV or managed a dealership and sales staff yet charge you to tell your sales people how to do it. "Sales people don't hate sales training. They hate dull, boring, uninspiring training. Especially from people who haven't ever done, what they are asking them to do. A person with experience is never at the mercy of someone with a theory. "
Chuck's message, training and products have been delivered to RV dealers across the US and Canada as well as providing seminars for RVDA and RVIA conventions.

What We Do:
We come to you. No need to be without your management and sales staff and incure the high cost of travel. We won't ask to see your financials and we don't want to rebuild your dealership. Our focus is on increasing your closing ratios, increasing your gross profits, and reducing turnover by focusing on the Success of your Sales Staff. We can also help you find, recruit and train new RV sales professionals for your sales team. There is no better training than from someone who has been there. Over 25 years of On the Line RV Selling, F&I, Sales Manager, General Manager and Sales Training experience.

Contact us for more information 1-888-338-7355