RV StatTracker ™Your Key to Sales & Profits
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As a dealer have you ever asked yourself; Why don't my sales people sell more? They have the personality, the drive, the knowledge... What is missing?
The RV StatTracker™ system was designed specifically for RV dealers to track and monitor the opportunities, activities and results of an RV sales person so their weak point can easily be discovered.
This information helps us determine a plan of action for quick and effective improvement, increased closing ratios and higher gross profits.

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Our research shows that most everysalesperson has a weak point.When we discover and improve theirspecific need we increase closing ratios and improve profits and income.
The key factor is: How do you findtheir weakness when all of thenecessary skills appear to be there?
You can't manage what you don'tmeasure. Most dealers don't trackand many that do, don't know whatto do with the data.That's where we come in.
Our methodology is simple and effective;"Problem-Cause-Solution". Our trackingdiscovers the individual salesperson'sproblem. Our analysis discovers the cause. We supply the solution.

Why Track?

You can't manage what you don't measure. There is no reason for any dealership to not manage the sales department with definite purpose. You have the right to know what your sales people are doing with the customers you pay to get to your dealership.
RV StatTracker™ allows you do do just that and correct the shortcomings.
You can not simply continue to go through the time and expense of recruiting and hiring new sales people. If you hired them to begin with, it was for good reasons. Now you need to tap the potential of every new hire as well as your veterans.


When it comes to tapping the potential of your staff, one size does not fit all. Shortcomings vary from person to person. If a salesperson already has the ability to sell, it is your responsibility to guide them to maximize their potential.
Tracking and monitoring allows you to find the weak link in the sales process with each individual sales person. We will give you guided direction to work with each sales person exactly where they need it.

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The Basics

We set up your dealership's own custom password protected web portal on our website. Your sales managers login and supply us with daily, quick, easy information. It takes them minutes a day and we take it from there.

Tailored to the RV industry, our proprietary computer program then goes to work for you. Our exclusive algorithms analyze 34 key factors then determines each individual salesperson's needs for improvment based on our preset standards for successful sales people in the RV industry. We track 90 day moving averages to give your dealership a clear and accurate representation of each of your sales staff. This along with instructions for your sales manager to properly counsel and train in one on one sessions so salespeople sell with purpose. All with our ongoing help.

How It Works

Our sophisticated program breaks down the 34 target areas into 12 critical closing ratios for each salesperson then compares them to preset standards set to maximize their potential.

Sales people do not like to be analyzed. It holds them accountable for their actions, and they should be. We have discovered that once they realize how targeted our methods are, its positive delivery, and the vast improvement they will see in their sales and income, their buy in is powerful.

We've also found that sales people are receptive when they understand that this improvement program is specific to them, their weak points, and that they will receive great improvement without working any harder, not seeing any more customers, and not working any more hours. They simply need to improve on the specific targeted skill where they need improvement.
In addition, we want to catch your sales people doing something right!

Set a standard, praise great skills, find the shortcomings, train them to improve, and watch them tap their potential.

Why It Works

In today's market you must get beyond the old school mentality of simply looking at closing ratios to determine if a salesperson is performing. There is much more to success in RV sales today. What customers are walking away and what money is being left on the table? Most Sales Managers either don't have the time or the knowledge to analyze their sales staff in the way necessary for targeted improvement.

Backed by over 25 years experience in the RV industry we know exactly what to look for. How to discover each individual salespersons weakness and most importantly, formulate a plan of action for your sales managers to counsel and train each salesperson for targeted, effective improvement where it's needed most.

With 10 years of research and development RV StatTracker™ is a powerful addition to broad based sales training. We believe many salespeople are on the verge of reaching the next level if we understand their specific need for improvement and supply them with what they need to accomplish their goals and yours.